Sonics and Heritage

There’s something wonderful about playing a 50 year old instrument, seeing the history it’s been through – the marks and scratches, the sound of these things somehow get richer over time. I now rarely use samples in my work – privileged to having the actual hardware/instruments that I used to have sampled has changed the human feel and performance possibilities. Directly impacting on the longevity of our work as a whole.

I’m really fortunate to get to use these tools. I’ve been thinking about heritage recently, and looking back over the last few years, I’ve seen that me and my wife Tash have been building our studio around specific pieces of hardware that have history, and longevity. That’s our thing, and we’ve found it’s who are by nature. We want to honour, and take forward the best of the old, and the best of the new.

Prism converters form the backbone of the studio, while mostly valve based hardware help to capture and harness live recordings. I’ve compiled a list below of the instruments and hardware here in our studio, naturally it’s not limited to this but shows whats readily available.

In addition we’ve been developing relationship with Monnow Valley Studios, Andrew Scheps’ recording and mixing facility in South Wales, UK for projects that require a larger live track count – they have an excellent 64 channel Neve 8068 Console. Feel free to shoot me a message on this email with any questions or requests when collaborating.


Avid Pro tools 12 HD (with Dave Hill Designs Heat)
Prism Titan HD (8X8)
Apple Mac Pro 12 Core
GTX 1060


Barefoot MM26’s
Sony HDR 7506 (X2


Racked Hardware
Manley Dual Mono Preamplifier
Thermionic Culture Phoenix (Mastering Version)
Lexicon MX40
Neumann V475-2B NOS Summing Mixer
Klark Technik DN 41
ZOD ID Designed/Built by Dan Deurloo
Radial JD6
Redco 96 Patch Bay


Soundelux E47
Soundelux E49
DPA 4011A (Stereo Matched Pair)
Neumann KMS 105
Shure SM57


Keyboards and Synthesiser
John Brinsmead Upright 1950
Moog Prodigy
Juno 6
Alesis SR-1
Fender Rhodes Mark 1


Guitars/String Instrument
Handmade Keith Robbins Stratocaster
Handmade Keith Robbins Humbucker
Handmade Keith Robbins Dreadnought Acoustic
Handmade Douglas Rawles Bass
Gibson L-1 Parlour 1951
BM Espana Nylon 1950s
Harmony Lapsteel H5 1950s
Melody Major Banjolin 1920s
Concert Ukulele
Violin (Effects)
Cello (Chords/Drones)


Fender Silverface/Blackface Reverb 1960s – 15” JBL D140F
Music Man Seventy Five Reverb 1980s – 2 X 12” Celestion G12T-75s


Stomp Boxes
BK Butler Tube Driver
Pete Cornish SS3
Wooly Mammoth Clone
Whammy WH4
Tube Screamer TS808
Analogman Memory Man
Analogman Bi-Comp


Native American Whistle (A Minor)
Irish Whistle (Low D)
German Accordion (Effects)
Otello Harmonium


Ludwig Snare (Blue Sparkle) 1950s
Unbranded 22” Kick Drum
Zildjian Avedis 15” Hi Hats 1960s
Zildjian Avedis 20” Ride 1960s
Zildjian Armand 16” Crash
Zildjian Dark K 18” Crash Ride Repaired
DW 5000 Hardware


Irish Bohran
Tibetan Tongue Drum (A Minor)
Kalimba (G Major)
Roto Toms
Congas (Currently Available)
Bongos (Currently Available)
Rain Stick


Sarangi (Nepalese)
Mini Dulcimer
Charango (South American)


Available On Request
Steinway Grand Model D
String Quartet
Gang Choir
Concert Harp