The memory I have of the first strong connection to music, during a journey to the sea in the back of my parents car, was hearing the first track from Bryan Adams ‘So Far So Good’; shortly after, that record became the sole reason I wanted to play the guitar. Due to the kindness of my grandparents, at the age of 6 years old I began to play a small classical guitar; that had an impossibly high action of, what would still be today – an inch at the 12th fret. I have fond memories of learning to navigate the fret board, discovering how to improvise, much to the bewilderment of my strictly classical teacher. I was brought up by my parents, in an emersion of Irish Folk, Rock and Classical Music. 

Scoring film is seeking to serve the narrative vision for the work, evoking raw emotion with music to draw people into the heart of that narrative. From my experience with different teams, I’ve seen how precious and personal their films are to them, and I count it a joy to be trusted with their work. Relationally working, is my preferred method of involvement. I thrive in the writing and refining of the score through conversation with filmmakers helping to sculpt the result, streamlining the film to completion. I generally work best to a strong edit, although many times I’ve worked with film that’s in its early stages of development.

I live near the mountains with my wife and daughter, in North Wales UK. The stunning landscape and the grandeur of the surroundings here enrich and fuel my work. Artisan, is a word I’d generally use to describe my process. Music is made with my hands. Endeavouring to score only with acoustic instruments, hardware synthesis and solo/ensemble players, minimal use, if any of sample libraries. I strongly value that each score, is crafted unique to the the film it is written for; every film has the players uniquely express their music to picture. I strongly resonate with films that have a raw, honest, human dimension to their narrative and subjects.
It’s in this vein that I write with a union of hand made acoustic & electric instruments, personal sonic libraries, occasional synthesis and real acoustic spaces to produce my soundtracks. Music has always been a tangible thing for me, and I enjoy sculpting and carving space into it. Creating a landscape; crafting something unique to the work, that resonates with the films intended audience.



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