Piero Heliczer (2018) Documentary
Release: U.S TBA (2019)
Role: Score
Run Time: 50 mins
Format: DCP

Director: Therese Casper
Consulting Producer: Kay Ray
Co-Producer/Editor: Catherine Wadley
Story Consultant: Eric Frith

Distributed 2019


The Cage Fighter (2017) Documentary
Release: U.S Box Office, IFC/Sundance (2018)
Role: Score
Run Time: 81 mins
Format: DCP

Director: Jeff Unay
Executive Producer: Andrea Meditch
Producer: James Orara
Co-Producer/Editor: David Teague
Co-Producer: Ariel Sultan
Sound Designer: Frank Scheuring

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Dream Driven (2015) Documentary
Release: Scandinavian Box Office, Black Lion Pictures
Role: Score
Run Time: 96 mins

Director: Timo Peltokangas
Executive Producer: Juho Leppänen
Producer: Mikael Hautala
Editor: Raimo Saba

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Born To Win (2014)
Release: South African Box Office, Global Creative Studios
Role: Featured Artist
Run Time: 104 mins
Format: DCP

Director: Frans Cronjé
Executive Producer: Cobus van den Berg
Editor: Ivan Greyling
Sound Mixer: Wayne Dodd

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